Frequently Asked Questions


What is Micrblading?

Microblading is 3-D eyebrows is semi-permanent cosmetics where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual technique creating hair strokes resulting fuller, symmetrical, and natural looking eyebrows. This is very safe and painless session performed by licensed professional microblading technician. You can reduce time filling in your brows to have them wake up ready, not to mention it's waterproof, smudge free, and sweat proof.

Does it hurt?

Most clients describe the sensation as painless or minimal to slight discomfort. Topical anesthetic is applied and absorbed quickly so the area is numb during the procedure for the client’s comfort.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure length depends on the client’s needs and brow scenario. From either end of the spectrum, you can estimate anywhere from 2-3 hours.

How long does the healing process take?

The skin is not considered to be completely HEALED until after 30 days of a full cycle of cellular regeneration, but your procedure areas will appear and feel normal within 7-10 days. During 7-10 days. You should avoid things like saunas, chlorine, certain chemical face products, brow pencil, etc. There are no limitations once you are fully healed.

How long do the semi-permanent microbladed brows last?

Depending on the care and your body chemistry, brows can last up to 1-2 years. Touch ups after a year are recommended.

Am I a good candidate for microblading?

Busy, active women/men who want to save time on their brows are great candidates. Women who have trouble filling their brows or experience hair loss or thinning are also perfect candidates. Individuals with dry, normal to combination skin types make excellent candidates. The brow strokes will show up very crisp and clear. Women/men with oil to severely oily skin could experience softer lines, as that skin type is not as ideal for the process.

Do I need to schedule time off work?

It’s really not necessary. There is no down time following the procedure, but you tenderness and swelling are common on the day following the procedure.

What if I had previous work done on my eyebrows?

 Please schedule a consultation due various eyebrows appearance.

Is the procedure and pigment safe?

Yes, every procedure is performed with disposable needles and supplies are used during the process. It has been proven safe through time.

Do you need to be certified to perform microblading?

Yes, the state of Minnesota requires 200 hours of training in order to obtain a licensed.